Welcome to Alba, Texas

The little city with a big heart

Police Department:

Note from your Chief of Police:

Spring is here and I would like to remind our citizens that in order to keep our city clean we have city ordinances in place and we are going to enforce our ordinances to the best of our abiity.  These ordinances deal with high grass, old tires, appliances, fallen limbs, rubbish and unsightly matter.  They also include unregistered vehicles and junked vehicles visible from the roadways including old lawnmowers and delapidated yard art.  

There will be a city wide spring clean up where we will have dumpsters located at the water tower on Kirby St here in the city free of charge to Alba Water Customers only.  The dates are:   March 28th thru April 2nd.  Contact City Hall for more details.  I would appreciate our citizen's help in this effort to keep our city clean.  I can be reached at City Hall or at 903 765-3300 for any comments, complaints, or suggestions.  . 

Our officers work together with the Wood county sherrifs department to handle all 911 calls.  When  you dial 911, the Wood County Sheriffs office receives the call.  The call is then dispatched to one of us, (Tim, Juan, or Tom) or to a Wood County Sherrifs deputy, depending on who is available.


Tim Koonce, Chief of Police

Juan Ramirez, Patrol Sargent
Tom Miller, Patrol

Contact Us:

PO Box 197
Alba, TX 75410
Phone 903-765-3300
Fax 903-765-9043
Email: albapd@peoplescom.net